Tuesday, May 22, 2007

What I think of Our Own Home Page

OK, now that I've published my home page rubric, how does the Chico State home page measure up to it?

First let me start by saying that I didn't design this page and I'm not responsible for this page.

So here it is:

Standards: 1
Accessibility: 2
Design: 2
Organization: 2
Identity and Branding: 2
Message and Purpose: 1.5
Total Score: 10.5

Considering that these should all be threes, not so good, but not as bad as I imagined.

How about the University of Tennessee at Knoxville home page, which I recently discussed...

Standards: 3
Accessibility: 3
Design: 3
Organization: 3
Identity and Branding: 3
Message and Purpose: 3
Total Score: 18

That's a little more like it.

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